70 Solutions from 20 Different Providers
in a Feature-for-feature Match-up

The 2010 DCIG Midrange Array Buyer's Guide is the first-ever comprehensive report to weigh, score and rank over 70 midrange data storage arrays from more than 20 different providers. Storage solutions are given classifications of Entry Level, Good, Excellent and Recommended. The 105-page report offers all the information an organization should need to make a highly informed decision on what storage solutions are right for them in one place. It goes far beyond most consumer guides in both detail and scope to provide granular information that end-users will want to know. Published by the Data Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG), the independent report offers an objective view from a users perspective.

Each product is given a full-page detailed analysis of features and performance, as well as conclusions about what applications and organization will most benefit from the solution. The Buyer's Guide encourages organizations that need nearly every feature found on enterprise storage arrays but cannot afford the price to look towards the "Recommended" midrange array models.

Included in the report is the Nexsan DATABeast, SATABeast, SASBeast and the iSeries 400i. Discover how these solutions measure up to the competition, and take advantage of a wealth of information in your free copy.

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